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Hi there,


We're going to provide a brief- yet detailed- explanation of how to submit a request through our website,


We do accept email requests as well. We just always recommend going through the website so that at any hour of the day, your request goes directly to our design team, regardless of being submitted outside of office hours. For email requests, we require an MLS or property address, whether or not to include the price, whether or not you want a flyer or video. And listing type (in escrow, new listing, open house, etc)


FOR ALL REQUESTS: After going to,  go to Request Form, and from there you’ll see options for video banners, video listings, flyers, and branding flyers/videos. But for easier access, we’ve put the go-to links for each below:


Video Banner Request


After going to the link, you’ll input your basic info (name, phone number, email, Facebook URL)

Then you can scroll down to put in all the details you need to ensure that your banner is brand accurate and state compliant.


We HIGHLY recommend that you upload some of your own photos of listing to get the most accurate depiction of the home types you work with. However, we do have some stock photos in our database that are available.


Any customized notes (such a logo size or photo order, etc) can be put in the Additional Notes section.

Video Request:

After going to the link, you’ll input your basic info (name, phone number, email, Facebook URL)

Then, you’ll choose Listing Type, which includes: Coming Soon, For Lease, For Sale, Hot Listing,  In Escrow, Under Construction, New Listing, Open House, Price Reduced, Pending, Price Improvement, Sold, and Other.

After choosing the Listing Type, you’ll scroll down and see customizable options like Choose Your Template Color, Price To Show, and Choose Your Template. These are all optional. If you prefer to take a more hands-off approach, we will make these decisions for you.

Lastly, we just need either an MLS# or a listing URL and the property address.

If you have photos you’d like to upload to put in the video or any additional notes you’d like to share, those will be at the bottom of the page. Again, totally optional, not mandatory.

Then, voila, you click submit, and our team begins to create your video!


Branding Flyer Request:

The process is the same as above if you prefer to use a flyer instead. It’s a good idea to add some variety between videos and flyers. I always feel like Flyers are best for Sold, Price Reduced, or Pending Listings.



Branding Video Request


Customized videos are more focused on highlighting the agent, rather than the listing. If you are wanting to drive more traffic from your personal page to your business page, request reviews, or establish your brand a little bit more, this is what you would use. There are a few template styles to choose from, but if something doesn’t quite fit, you would use our Additional Notes section to convey your preferences.

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