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Choose Your Monthly Plan

Promotional graphic for 'SOCIAL PRO' service package, priced at $599.99 with a $400 setup fee. Highlights include everything from the 'Social Plus' package with additional services such as 8 customizable videos and E-Flyers per month, a 'Call Now' call-to-action button, Facebook Page Optimization, strategies to increase followers and likes, Chatbot lead generation focusing on organic growth, customizable logo design, a digital business card, an interactive email signature, and a dedicated account manager. Note that the ad campaign costs, aimed at reaching local prospects, are paid separately to Facebook. A 'Select' button is at the bottom for choosing the service.

Custom Website

Icon representing website search optimization with a magnifying glass centered over the abbreviation 'www' for World Wide Web, indicating a focus on web presence


Starting at $2499.99

Lead Generation

Icon of a smartphone displaying a chat interface with a robot and human avatar exchanging messages, symbolizing an interactive chatbot conversation


$149 set up fee


Digital Business Card

Graphic icon representing a digital business card on a smartphone with Wi-Fi symbol, indicating contact information sharing through digital means.

(Domain/Hosting Included)

$199.99 set up fee


Minimalistic line art icon of a pen tool with anchor points and paths, symbolizing the process of logo design and vector graphic creation.

Starting at $49.99

Targeted Ad Campaign

Linear icon of a bullseye with an arrow at the center, alongside a megaphone and thumbs-up, representing targeted advertising campaigns and marketing strategies.

$289.99 set up fee for 1 Ad Campaigns
$499.99 set up fee for 2 Ad Campaigns

Email Signature

Icon of a clipboard with text lines and a pencil signing off at the bottom, representing an email signature.


$49.99 set up fee

QR Code

Line art icon of a QR code within focus brackets, symbolizing scannable technology for information retrieval.


$99 set up fee

Landing Page

Icon of a browser window depicting a landing page layout, featuring headline, text, image placeholder, and navigation dots for SEO optimization.


$299.99 set up fee

CRM + Website

Icon representing CRM software with a speech bubble, pie chart, and data layers on a computer screen


$400 set up fee

(IDX fee included)

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