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Decide on promotion tactics for each chanel

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Which Platforms Should You Use?

Instead of trying to master all social media platforms, pick one or two for your initial focus. The rest of the platforms can either be completely ignored or used casually.

The best place for most agents to start is with Facebook and Instagram. Those generally get you the biggest bang for your time.

Then, after a few months, when you’ve learned all about those platforms and you’re posting comfortably, add another platform to your focus. My personal recommendation would be to add Pinterest at that point. Then YouTube once you’re comfortable with Pinterest.

Your Posting Schedule

Each platform has its own standard for how often users should post. Take this standard into account, but also be reasonable about the time you have available to invest in social media. You can always start on the slow side and increase your posting frequency as you get more familiar with the platforms.

Here are the general posting standards:

  • § Facebook: At least 3 posts per week

  • § Instagram: At least 3 posts per week

  • § Twitter: If you’re really going for it, you need to Tweet at least 5 times per day. 3 posts per week will show that you’re active on Twitter, but probably won’t generate many leads.

  • § Pinterest: Multiple posts per day, but most of those should be quick re-pins of other people’s work. If you can just create 1 original pin each week to accompany your blog post, then post it to a new group board every day (while also pinning existing pins to your own boards every day), you should be in good shape.

  • § YouTube: 1 post per week

  • § LinkedIn: 1 post per week for casual use, 3-4 posts per week if you’re choosing LinkedIn as a focus



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